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Helens User Name Remember Me? He is hoping that anyone stopping by who has the itch to write will in and contribute. You can write from the perspective of any of the girls or any of the men they hope to gain some points with. My name is Ronny Kingsmead.

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I go to school at St. Helens High. Or that my friends are sluts? Sitting opposite me during our lunch period this fine, sunny day is my best friend, Trisha Appleby.

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On her left is Jo Casey, these two girls are so similar it is scary. Both have long blonde hair, big pale blue eyes, fair skin that has been lightly tanned over the summer months and great figures thanks to good genetics and years of playing sport. Jo is slightly taller and slightly curvier than Trish but I think that is due to Jo being 6 months older.

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Both of these 2 girls come from a top-drawer gene pool. Jo is the quietest of the group. We have heard that Jo might have helped Mark Russell bust his nut at a party a few weeks ago. Jo says Mark is just a guy she likes talking to but maybe there is something lurking in his pants that she also fancies?

I like Jo, I also like the idea of seeing her thrash around wildly, long blonde hair flying while Mark has his way with her. Which brings me to Trish. She is the baby of her family; she has an older brother, Wil who is just about to turn 18 and an older sister, Laura, who is All the girls in the group think he is a total hottie.

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She is engaged to a sportsman who looks in pretty good shape. I met him once; a body that had been sculpted by days in the gym that made me think very naughty things. Laura is stunning; you can see in her what Trish will turn into.

Blonde hair, blue eyes and a firm body that has men suffering whiplash every time she walks pass them.

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She is a stunner and she knows it. I remember I caught my Dad checking her out when she came to pick Trish up from my house one afternoon. You could also tell that she had been wearing a thong because there were no visible panty lines.

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And with a bottom that men would kill to eat off, who would blame her if she went commando? I must admit, it was good to see Dad checking her out, it meant he was still active downstairs. My mother had left him, us, when I was 12 and my younger brother was 9.

Charlene Maples, or Charlie as we call her, is probably the visual reason we get our name. She dresses like a tart and loves the attention she receives. As a group we know that if Charlie is flirting with a guy, by the end of the night, that guy will be a little lighter on his feet. I never tire of her stories, they always make me wet and cause me to daydream in class. Charlie is also the queen when it comes to intercourse. As it turns out, Charlie has only had sex with 3 guys from school. The other 2 came in the form of a guy from another school and some bloke who picked her up at the beach one day.

All topped off with a thick cock that she had gagged on when she tried to blow him and had hurt her tight pussy as much as it had pleasured it.

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Still, Charlie is only 16 and her snatch has hardly been worked in over the course of her short life. Charlie has shoulder length black hair, black eyes, a sexy smile and the second biggest pair of tits in the group. The biggest rack belongs to, in my opinion, the ugliest member of our group.

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In the case of Trish and Jo, very good looking. And Mel makes sure that everyone can see them by wearing the tightest T-shirts and sweaters she can. But there is one thing teenage boys love - tits. We later found out they are 36D, enough to make a 16 year old boy cream his pants. Mel also is a player, courtesy of those impressive globes of hers. A lot of horny boys want a piece of Mel and Mel is happy to accommodate.

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But Charlie, Mel and Jo are really bit players in the tale I want to tell. I just need to give you the background so you understand what goes on in this group. You probably think that Charlie and Mel teen mothers in waiting.

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You are probably scratching your head wondering how Jo is involved in a crowd like this. Well, every group has a misfit, in our case you probably think that Trish is a bit high brow for us as well. Trish is probably the biggest slut of us all. I think the reason I keep picturing Jo as a sexual dynamo is because she and Trish are so similar.

When you look at Trish you see this pure, golden haired.

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A real beauty queen who does no wrong in the eyes of her parents. Gets good marks, plays her chosen sports well. Is popular, although moving in a questionable crowd. Two different guys last Saturday alone. I know this because she tells me all about it.

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How big or small the guy is, whether he cums a lot or a little, what the jizz tastes like and if it is thick and creamy or fluid and milky. Trish has become the blow-job queen. Like most others I considered Charlie and Mel to be the more out there of the group, especially in the last months.

I have since screwed a couple of other guys, one from school here and a guy I met on holidays a few months back on the Spring Break.

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Like Trish though, I love to suck cock, to pull cock, to see a guy spurt cum everywhere, to feel a guy cum in my mouth. I love the feeling of it and the power of it. Make no mistake, oral sex is powerful, certainly more powerful than a simple hand-job, hell a guy can give himself one of those, and possibly more powerful than fucking. But I digress, I was discussing Trish.

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I suggested that she find out for us since she was living under the same roof as them. She just stared at us like we were retarded. We all laughed and kept making fun of her about it but eventually we moved on. Trish even told me that Wil had been semi-aroused and that seeing her brother in this state had kind of turned her on. I was shocked, not only had Trish found out, she had confessed that it had turned her on. It was kinky and totally unexpected and I felt a dampness between my legs almost immediately. I also got the feeling that maybe there was a side to Trish that none of us knew about.

Over the coming weeks I had probed Trish and had found out that she had been a real quiet achiever. A couple of fucks but her cock sucking was matched only by my own performances.

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There were a few guys from school but no one had believed their stories about being on the receiving end of a blowjob from Trish Appleby. Trish might move with the sluts of St. Helens but she was too much of a goody two-shoes and too snobby to allow a dick in her mouth. Her tales blew my mind and totally turned me on.

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She had no fear when it came to sex, especially oral sex. That fearlessness, coupled with my own love of cock, prompted me to issue Trish the blowjob challenge. A three-month time frame, the girl who has sucked the most cock in three months will be the undisputed bj queen. White Noise. The contest had started out pretty tame. We both picked up pretty easy points by blowing a couple of boys at school. And when I say tame I mean tame. The longest I had a cock in my mouth for was about 5 minutes before the guy came. High school boys have no staying power! The contest did take a turn though about 3 weeks in.

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